recipe : beet kvass

beet kvass : nature's health cocktail

the magic elixir known as beet kvass is a drink widely consumed for its medicinal qualities and as a digestive aid.

the specifics: taken in 4-oz quantities morning and night, this beverage promotes regularity, aids digestion, alkalizes the blood, and cleanses the liver. it can also be a natural remedy for kidney stones, if you’ve got’em.

the ingredients:

organic beets [peeled and chopped coarsely]

1/4 cup whey* [see below for instructions]

fresh ginger [optional, but worth it…by itself, the drink tastes rather like dirt which may be what beets taste like, i don’t eat many beets]

1 tablespoon celtic sea salt

filtered water

the next part is easy: combine all ingredients in a 2-qt jar with water to fill the jar. stir well and cover tightly. keep at room temperature for 2 days then transfer to the fridge. enjoy alone or followed by any chaser you see fit.

if you need extra explanation, here’s a good-looking guy with an accent explaining how to make beet kvass

beet kvass can be kept refrigerated for quite a while. if a milky substance [you might think it’s mold] appears floating on top, that really is just extra health [it’s all part of the fermentation] and is still safe to be consumed. when the concoction reaches to the top of the beets it is okay to refill the jar with water and re-use the beets. after one refill, though, it’s time for new beets.

*whey! i recently made whey for the first time. all you need to make whey is high quality store-bought yogurt [whole, of course] and either a clean dish towel or a mesh sack/cloth. you will also need a bowl, but those are usually not too hard to come by.

whey cheese / whey

how to:

if you are using a towel: place the towel over a strainer. place the towel/strainer duo in a large bowl. put the yogurt in the strainer and let soak through into the bowl. after a few hours, tie the towel into a small sack with the yogurt still inside, being careful not to squeeze the yogurt. let this drip for another couple hours into the bowl.

if you are using a sack: put yogurt in the sack and let hang above a bowl for a few hours.

the end result should be: a bowl of clear/milky liquid and a sack of yogurt solid, also known as whey cheese. these can be kept separately in the refrigerator. use the whey for kvass and other fermented beverages, use the whey cheese as a substitution for cream cheese or as a spread for veggies or crackers. it’s like cream cheese, only fluffier and lighter.

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