recipes : quick breakfast

Recipes : Breakfast [quick and easy]


note: smoothie may or may not turn out this green. mine are usually pinkish/brown.

½ cup whole fat organic plain yogurt [preferably from grass-fed cows]

½ cup raw whole milk [organic pasteurized if that’s all that’s available]

3 leaves kale ripped into small pieces

½ cup spinach

2 egg yolks [eggs must come from grass-fed chickens for safety and health reasons]

½ cup frozen berries

1 tbl raw honey

1 tbl organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil


Oatmeal [adds texture and a little extra “meat”]

Combine all ingredients in the blender with liquids in first to ease in blending. Blend until smooth.

Power Oatmeal –


[if you have the time use make steel-cut oats, this is preferable. Sometimes I don’t have the time so I use quick oats. Make sure they are organic!]

1 cup cooked oatmeal

1 tbl. Organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil

2 tbl. Almond butter

1 tbl. Raw organic honey


¼ cup organic, whole fat plain yogurt

Mix oatmeal with almond butter, honey and coconut oil while it is still very hot to melt these ingredients. Add yogurt, mix, and top with cinnamon.

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