a second wind / a new breakfast

hello. it’s been awhile. you may have noticed that my last post dates back almost a year ago – a year that has shifted my life, physically and otherwise. i won’t bore you with the details, but i will say that for this entire blogging reprieve i have missed sharing my thoughts and experiences and often wished i could return to the wonderful world of food as explained through the internet, specifically, this blog.

anyway, i woke up this morning craving pancakes.  easy enough – i keep those simple ingredients on hand in the pantry for emergency cookies and group breakfast meals. i opened the fridge to find that i had not one but two instances of near-death vegetation [a zucchini and an apple], which, unfortunately, hasn’t been a rare sight this summer. i’ve been buying vegetables like a hoarder from the myriad farmer’s markets in my [suburbia: read: local food fad central] community. turns out, my eyes are much bigger than my cooking capacity. a lot of vegetables have met their demise pre-consumption, a wasteful truth of which i’m not proud.

what's a girl to do with all this zucchini?

“i’ve got to do something with these,” i thought, though i wasn’t about to give up on delicious pancakes. back in my early days of cooking i was surprised to learn about zucchini as a tasty addition to baked bread products, and i had used apples in muffins galore. i gathered my rotting goods and started thinking on pancakes. appetizing, right? what followed was a surprisingly pleasant cooking experience and meal – a lucky break that i intend to share.

it was an interesting lesson to learn. a) these easy pancakes saved my fruit and vegetables from being thrown into the woods behind my house, b) the addition of zucchini and apples made these pancakes a lot healthier, and c) they tasted awesome, no lie [my lovely friend rachyl can vouch].

recipe: zucchini and apple breakfast pancakes


1 cup whole wheat flour

1/2 cup corn meal

3 tbl flaxseed meal

2 eggs

1 tbl baking soda

1 medium apple, shredded [ i like mine a little chunky, but shred however you want. ]

1 small zucchini, shredded [ same story ]

1 1/2 tsp sea salt

do it: 

– mix dry ingredients

– add eggs & vegetation

– mix a little big, but don’t worry it to death

– COOK: heat a stainless pan over medium heat. make sure to use plenty of

butter or oil [i used a mixture of coconut oil and butter, adds a little extra sweetness.]

pour batter in pan and cook until little bubbles appear. hold your breath and flip!

they will be done soon after this [a couple minutes, maybe?].

– EAT: i ate my pancakes with natural peanut butter and apple butter. rachyl chose to top hers with

greek yogurt and honey. i ate one plain as i was cleaning. all options were fantastic.

now that i’m back, i promise i’ll start taking pictures of these creations. no more bland eats, and no more bland posts.

it’s good to be back.

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