word of [what-goes-in-your] mouth

When i get “lost in thought,” i usually find myself in the land of why. For instance, the other day i caught myself wondering why don’t people care more about recycling? followed by why do some people still drink Mello Yello? I got a little frustrated, wandering between why’s, until I backed up and allowed myself to peek at the bigger picture. I stumbled upon an answer that has been plaguing me – that the modern American is only aware of it [the mello yello, the empty beer can] as long as they can see it.

It’s the old dust-under-the-rug theory, that once it’s out of sight, it doesn’t actually exist anymore. And who can blame us? We’ve got advil for our headaches, fillings for our cavities, surgery for our obesity, and landfills for our waste. We are no longer forced to deal with the dust, we just get to sweep it under the rug. When that rug fills up, we head to ikea and buy a new rug.

Alright, I’ve strung the analogy as far as it will go. What I’m getting at is the underlying issue that separates those who care about where their food comes from and what physically happens when they consume it from those who only are aware of the food from the time it hits the shelves to the moment it’s swallowed. Disclaimer: I am not about to get preachy. What you eat and why is your own prerogative. I am only saying this because, after realizing it, I now understand why some people will never care about food the way I do. I can spend all my time trying to convince everyone to care, or I can spend my time learning and spreading the word to like-minded folks. Believe you me, I am all about the second option.

Which brings me to my point. [Finally.] I am volunteering at a conference in October that I think you all should know about. The Take Back Your Health Conference is a two-day event in Northern Virginia focusing on all things healing: diet, exercise, lifestyle, and  spirit. The speakers are the best of the best, from Sally Fallon [you may recognize the name because I site her in almost all my posts, she is the head of the Weston A. Price Foundation, author of Nourishing Traditions, and plays myriad other roles in the nutrient-dense food community] to Dr. Joel Fuhrman. There will be informational tables with vendors selling goods and giving away crucial knowledge.

The point of the conference, as far as I can tell, is to open the door to unlimited health and well-being as a result of conscious lifestyle changes that will, literally, steal your health back.  If you’ve been dealing with acne your whole teen-hood, there will be experts here to explain not only why you have acne but how to treat it via changing your diet or even your daily habits [but this is simply one example, many other health concerns will be addressed].

If you are reading this blog, it is likely that you are a] my friend or b] care about the practice and continuation of real eating. Even if you are not able to come to the conference, spread the word – as a favor to me, and to the people out there in need who may not be aware of this event. It is my hope that I can help bridge the gap between those who are “in the know” and those who would seriously benefit from such a position – and that’s where I need your help. Word of mouth is the fastest way to spread accountable information [college seminar factoid], so start talkin’! And, as always, please feel free to contact me with any concerns, questions, or extra information.

eatfoodrealfoodblog [@] gmail [.] com


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