not too long ago i had an epiphany. it all started with one question.

why are all the foods in my refrigerator and on my shelf so different from what is available to be eaten naturally?

[the skim milk, soy cheese, chicken-flavored corn patties, low-fat artificially flavored yogurt, etc]

this question led to many more.

why is it that we are unable to eat what tastes good?

why is disease so rampant when we are supposedly becoming more diet-savvy?

why are Americans, in all our first-world glory, so obese and sickly?

what started as a question has turned into a search for truth and health. i am not a doctor. i am not an aspiring doctor. all i know is that eating has changed for the worse. the research of my equally concerned mother has led us to some inspiring sources and interesting paths. the most important part of it all, though, are the roots in traditional diets that each source shares in common.

just by scratching the surface i have realized that what i was eating posed serious threats to my health – and i know that many people i care about are still falling in the traps set by the big money corporations [ex: soy, corn, vegetable oil, low-fat, lean meat, etc].

i will research to find answers, i will expose truths as i see them, and i will test it all on myself.

A little about me… I am 23 years old and a recent graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, where I spent the last 4 years of my life. I am now in graduate school at Georgetown for a hybrid communications program. My wonderful mother first interested me in this topic when she sparked in me curiosity about where the food I ate was coming from and what it was doing to my body. I moved to Northern Virginia recently and have since discovered the unlimited food-related options that come from living in the suburbs of DC.

My motivation for starting this blog has stemmed from my desire to reach my peers with this information. There are many online and print resources but many of them seemed geared toward an older generation – either those already interested in the diet, those trying to reverse an unhealthy lifestyle, or those who are just interested in trying something new.

After scratching the surface of the “real eating” phenomenon I continued to watch my friends and loved ones fall victim to modern diet fads of which I was slowly discovering the dangers. I am now dedicated to the pursuit of “figuring it all out” in the hopes that more people my age will become passionate about the immediate concerns our modern diet provides for our generation and the next. I hope to create an outlet where those wishing to find a new way of eating, a traditionally sound way, can come to learn and share their experiences.

[contact info] :

eatfoodrealfoodblog [at] gmail [dot] com

follow me on twitter! @eatfoodblog


oh, and, for your enjoyment: my main man, Luda – the chihuahua/beagle mix



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