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KALE recipe & a cooking quick tip

Hey, eaters! It’s been awhile. Because of the “pile of school work on my desk” [metaphorically speaking], this will be a rather short post. To some of you, this cooking/eating tip might come across a bit “duh,” but it took me this long to figure it out.

Enough with the disclaimers.

Cooking can be a bit of a burden on one’s day. There’s the buying, the preparing, the cleaning, and the never-ending quest for new and creative things to eat. So, say you’ve done all the busywork and you’ve stumbled upon a recipe or idea that you are ready to try out. You spend hours [or however long] cooking, and it’s delicious. You eat, clean up, and wake up the next day thinking, “damn, I have to do all that again?” 

Part of me believes that the somewhat depressing cyclical nature of consumption is why some people choose to rely heavily on prepared meals and eating out. This brings me to the tip:

and y'all know that pyrex is the sexiest tupperware

When cooking, prepare more than you will eat in one meal. Save the rest in individual serving sized bags or tupperware. 

Seriously, do this for any meal that can be frozen or refrigerated and heated later. This is not to say you should make one extra fried egg and freeze it, because that is pointless. If you are making vegetable stir-fry, though, make double – your veggies won’t go bad in your fridge when you make a bulk purchase, and you can just re-heat your food for a quick meal. Every time I pull a single-serving of homemade vegetable soup out of my freezer I want to kiss myself, seriously.

Speaking of which, if you are freezing, do so in plastic baggies with the date written on it so you know on what day you were awesome enough to prepare lunch for your future self.



Recipe : Lemon’d Kale with Caramelized Onions

you’ll need:

love you, kale

1 onion [your choice] – cut into bite-size pieces

[i enjoy long, skinny pieces]

1/2 lemon

a mess of kale [kale cooks down really quickly – two

hungry people can finish one grocery store bunch!]

salt and pepper


the process: 

remove kale from stem and cut or tear into small-ish pieces

heat butter in a cast-iron skillet [if you have one] – enough in which to thoroughly bathe the onions

once butter is a-bubblin’, add onions and cover. cook until soft, a little brown, and irresistible-smelling

at the same time, place kale in large/deep frying pan.

add a couple splashes of water and more butter and turn on heat.

cook until the kale has wilted significantly and the color is deep green [i’d say around 7 minutes] – remember to stir!

add onions, lemon juice and salt and pepper to kale before serving

serve warm as a side dish

you might have spotted this gem on broad street in falls church...

Full meal idea –

When I made this dish, it sat happily beside an ear of corn, fried eggplant, and a baked potato. It was a great veggie-based meal with lots of color and simple, fresh flavor. As an added bonus, all of the items were local. Challenge yourself to create something local with every meal and soon enough you’ll be enjoying fully local meals.

For all my NoVa pals, here’s where I’ve been shopping lately for my local fare:

Let’s help this amazing establishment stay in business…it’s the same price [or cheaper!] than any grocery store. Check it out!



recipe : what i eat for lunch almost every day

let’s be real: very few people have time to think long and hard about every meal they cook. oh, and then, of course, cook it. i try to cook most of my meals in-house so that i eat the hoards of vegetables that i keep in the fridge, which sometimes leaves my options pretty limited. i find myself saying the same thing to myself nearing every breakfast and lunch:

*opens fridge* “hm…gots me some vegetables…and 6 dozen eggs…and some butter.”

awesome. I could make a huge omelet? instead, I usually opt for something a little less overwhelming for my belly.

-my lunch-

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recipe : crackers

I have Mondays off. Recently I’ve been spending them doing research and writing for this blog. The other portion of the day is spent cleaning, facebooking, drinking copious amounts of coffee and tea, and eating. I love Mondays.

Today, while preparing lunch, I realized I still haven’t opened my latest gift from my mom: Kudzu Bakery Sweet Orange Marmalade – one of my favorite treats. I began fantasizing about pairing the marmalade with the Cherry Glen fresh fermented goat cheese (chevre) that I get at the farmer’s market where I work on Saturdays…what a dreamy duo!

the most delicious items in my kitchen right now

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a second wind / a new breakfast

hello. it’s been awhile. you may have noticed that my last post dates back almost a year ago – a year that has shifted my life, physically and otherwise. i won’t bore you with the details, but i will say that for this entire blogging reprieve i have missed sharing my thoughts and experiences and often wished i could return to the wonderful world of food as explained through the internet, specifically, this blog.

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recipes : quick breakfast

Recipes : Breakfast [quick and easy]


note: smoothie may or may not turn out this green. mine are usually pinkish/brown.

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recipe : beet kvass

beet kvass : nature's health cocktail

the magic elixir known as beet kvass is a drink widely consumed for its medicinal qualities and as a digestive aid.

the specifics: taken in 4-oz quantities morning and night, this beverage promotes regularity, aids digestion, alkalizes the blood, and cleanses the liver. it can also be a natural remedy for kidney stones, if you’ve got’em.

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